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Next time it rains, don’t rush towards your car. Don’t try to cover your head with your hands. Don’t reach out for the umbrella. Just let it fall. Let it touch you. Feel it slide through the veins of your scalp to your face. Feel it touch your nose like your mom touched you when you were a baby. Let your eyes flicker in anticipation of the next drop and wonder which eye lash it will caress this time.

Next time it rains, just look up in the sky and be free. Feel the connection to nature, to God. Be the leaf that lies there embracing every single drop that falls on it, soaked, flooded at times but renewed, getting greener with every new drop. Be the window, that lets the rain fog its appearance making it hard to see and yet making it more picturesque. Be the bird that flutters its wet wings trying hard to cut through the winds, bearing the sharp edges of the raindrop but denies to stay covered under the trees. Be yourself, only few years younger when you ran through the streets in rain without worrying about your clothes, your shoes, your appearance. Be free. Let it rain.