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“When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”, Touche but so valid. Don’t let life’s little lemons spoil your day. Be happy to be here, to be a human. Happy to be able to do something. Anything. There’s so much to be happy about in this life and so little to be unhappy about, that I bet you can almost always manage to smile about something no matter what. If I think about it, I am so happy to have Starbucks. It’s so rejuvenating to be inside a Starbucks. Happy to have music in my life, the iPod, the various songs. Happy to be able to walk and go places. Happy to know a language, to be able to talk, express myself. So happy to be able to hug my little daughter, so divine. Happy about having books to read. Happy about seeing the sunlight after the rain. Happy to see the changing weathers. I feel we are in an era where most things are pleasant if we really have the ability to feel them. Imagine being born in a time where you could be shot down with an arrow randomly. There is so much to appreciate about life, and so little to complain. Be happy, always. Be happy anyways.