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Every girl is beautiful, only needs the right pair of eyes to look at her.

We all have our secret admirers, even when we are at our ugliest selves. There is someone that is ok with it because it is a part of us. It might be someone other than your partner, most often time it is. It could be your girlfriend from school who always cheered for you, even when you failed. It could be your boyfriend in college who always complimented you, even on your bad hair days. It could be that nerd guy in the corner who appreciated your smile from a distance. It could be your collegue who always finds an oppurtunity to come talk to you. It could be a neighbour who appreciates how you handle family business. It could be a sibling who starts to blabber about your positives at every party you gather at. It could be a facebook friend who spies your account just to see if you are doing ok.

It happens. You cant call it love. But may be a dew drop of love that they feel somewhere so deep inside that even they dont know it exists. All they might know is you make them feel good. And guess what that does to you, it makes you feel good about yourself in return.

I watched this bollywood movie recently, where an indian housewife in her mid fourties comes to new york for her niece’s wedding. In her desire to be able to speak english, she joins an english speaking class where a french guy falls for her. The way he admires her beauty was just heart melting to watch. Such small flicks of love, like dew drops can do little to fulfill any quench but certainly adds to your depth as a person. Its as if they open a new door for the lover and the loved. The lady, having been ignored by her husband for years, appreciates the attention and thanks him for teaching her to love herself as she is. Such profound gestures, such a melancholy to watch. Love, at its best.

Consider yourself lucky if you have an admirer in this life. Today, recognize them. Think of the person you know admires you for who are, recognize the fact that it is a very raee thing to have, and if possible, thank them for being them. For being able to see you as you are, to see the positives in you, and more than anything, for making you love yourself.

Its not too much to ask for, you will just be returning the favor.