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Very interesting challenge…in that its not only a photography challenge, but also challenges you to ask questions about yourself.

Its difficult to show aallll the things that make me happy, because they’re a lot. But I’ve tried to list a few to respect the gallery format and keep it managable.

From top, left to right n down, here are the things that make me happy –

  • A cool watch
  • A nice inspirational and uplifting Quote
  • Starbucks coffee and cake with my daughter
  • Hats and Photography (not related particularly, but saved me a picture here 🙂 )
  • A well made Margaritah!!
  • Getting wet (anywhere!!)
  • Seeing Mom n Dad Happy and Smiling
  • Watching sunsets
  • A newborn baby (this one is mine)
  • Celebrating Birthdays!! Anyone’s!!
  • My Red Tahari Shoes