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How about trying a new food today, a food that you don’t even have to cook and will do great to your body. Yes, a Fruit.

Fruits are god’s blessings to lazy housewives – is what I say. As you can see, I am not a fruits person at all. The best I can do at fruits is the unchewables, gulpables, meltables like ripe papaya, watermelon, indian mangoes, very ripe blueberries. And while I love crunchy munchy food when it comes to junk food, I somehow very much dislike crunchy fruits, therefore Apple is an outcast from my diet, Ouch!!

So, to challenge ourselves, we are starting the first day of this week with trying a fruit that we dislike (since Hate would be a strong word for it). Anything, that you haven’t eaten in ages, and just simply never are able to convince yourself to pick it at the grocery store. It might be hard to believe, but I havent eaten a whole orange in a decade. I just dont like my teeth to feel that sour thingie that makes your whole body go – ooohh aahh vahhn..

So go ahead. Fruits can’t kill you, atleast hasn’t been proven. Pick anything that hasn’t been in your shopping list for a while. Papaya, Kiwis, Banana, Apple, Pears, Pineapple???