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I’ve stopped looking at the moon, it reminds me of you
The raindrops dripping from the window pane
Fall in the air just like tears fell from your eyes
When i talked about leaving
I’ve stopped looking at the traffic passing by
It gives me hope of catching a glimpse of you

Standing in the line at the coffee shop
I bet I heard you whisper next to me
I’ve stopped trying to spot strangers that look like you
It makes me despise them for not being you

I browse through the movie list at the red box
And pick up the same one the sixth time
I’ve stopped paying attention to what’s new
For new takes me that much farther away from you

I open my inbox, close it and open it again
Hoping that a note from you will magically appear
I’ve stopped making sense to myself It seems
How could you write a note when u havent read one in ages

I touch you in despair,I kiss you as an outlier
I browse to your name on the phone and stare at it for hours
I’ve stopped talking to you about you or me
It shatters my heart and yet i live…

The ice cream doesnt seem to be cold enough
The cheesecake doesnt seem to be cheesy enough
The sky looks blue, so does the grass
The windy rain isnt exciting enough
All that there is, is a void
Of you being gone
Of me left behind…..