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TGIF? Not really. Friday’s apple should be a tough one to bite, afterall you have all weekend to digest and live with it. So here’s today’s apple – Write your eulogy.

We all start from the beginning, may be because that’s the logical thing to do. Or may be because there is no way to start from the end. However when I did try to visualize my end, try to think what I would like to be on my last day, the perspective of things I got was amazing. Truly thought provoking. Not to my surprise, I wasn’t doing much of what I would like to be doing in the end. I hadn’t chosen the paths that would lead me to my desired end. I had things I had “wanted” to do, but I hadn’t taken any action on them.

It’s kind of like those riddles you see in the kid’s magazines, the boy has five ways to reach the turtle, find out which way will lead to the turtle and the which ones are deadends. It hard to see from the top which one will lead to the destination, but if you know where you want to reach, you’ll find your way.

It’s not going to be easy, its not going to be fast. It’s going to be challenging, it’s going to make you scratch your head, pop some questions. But it will be truly wonderful and revealing of your true conscious, of what you really want deep inside, of what you are under that skin.

Here are some thinking points to help you get going –

  • How would I like to change the world?
  • How would I like to be remembered?
  • What mission in life absolutely obsesses me?
  • What’s my most distinctive skill or talent?
  • What work do I find absorbing, involving, enthralling? What will happen in ten years if I remain absorbed, involved and enthralled in that work?
  • What’s my personal agenda? What do I want to prove?

If you did make some discoveries while writing this eulogy, do come back and share with us. Happy discovering!!