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I was recently watching this bollywood movie where the hero says to his girlfriend – “I feel like making you laugh is my responsibility”. Now bollywood movies are known for over the top dialogue delivery, in an exaggerated way. They say too much and do too little. But I was impressed with these lines, whoever wrote it.

If you seriously think about it, how often do we say or do something in a truly selfless manner, thinking its our job to do something for someone, not a favor to them. In our busy lives, we have forgotten those purposeless moments, those light encounters where we just crack a joke, make someone smile and move on. The times of “what’s in it for me” seem to dominate our everyday schedules and thanks to drivethroughs, even those healthy small encounters with the lady at the reception is limited now.

Today, make someone smile. Do it as a job, do it as if you really want it. To make it more interesting, pick someone who you havent seen smiling in a few days. And I can bet it will bring a smile to you naturally. And that will be the moment you will be so proud of yourself.