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Since day one of the creation, Apple seems to be the symbol of inspiration. Adam, Newton and then Steve Jobs. All had a history with their experience with apple and all changed the world in a way that it was never the same again. So, when I thought of my daily series to write something inspiring, I couldnt help but name it the “Daily Apple”.

So, for today’s dose of apple, think of a quote that has inspired you in the past and continues to inspire everytime you read it. Then, write it on a paper and hang it in a place that you look at it everyday. Just one quote. If you haven’t found yours yet, start googling, dust your shelves, go to Barnes and Nobles. When you have found your “one” inspiring quote, share it with us here. We all need some inspiration everyday.

Here is mine, I have it pinned next to my monitor at work, on the dartboard in my study and on the wallpaper of my laptop. And not surprisingly, in every difficult situation, it has shown me a way –

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. It necessarily follows that you must raise your own level of thinking in order to solve pressing problems and make effective decisions.” – Albert Einstein