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Love is a transformation

A well written poem

A newly born baby

The heart piercing pain

A hot passionate kiss

It’s what makes you walk when you’ve been in bed for weeks

It’s what gives you company when you’re alone in a mob


When you linger in my thoughts for days

But never appear so to be touched…

You transform me into the sun

That touches the earth every morning and yet never comes close


 Love is the clinging thought of someone hours after they’ve left

The butterflies in the stomach hours before they’ve arrived

It’s what makes you want to smell the flowers, one more time

It’s what makes you want to live your life, all over again


When I find you gazing at me in the mirror

Or hear you say “it’ll be all right, I’m here”

I transform you into an angel

Saying you make me want to be a better one


Love is a transformation

Of two souls into one

A timeless expression

An unconditional condition