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Sometimes life needs to be…well…lived…

When I am driving on the freeway, there are days when I want to be aggressive. On these days, I mostly drive in the left lane switching more than often and occasionally condemn the so called “slow drivers”. I am either listening to very loud music or no music at all. And then there are days when I want to sail on the road, rather than speedboat. On these days, I prefer to stay towards the right, slow and harmonious. Playing my fav music or talking to friends over the phone, I am in no rush to reach anywhere when I am in the right lane but just enjoying the drive.

It might be difficult to observe why on some days I choose to be on the left and on some, right. May be feeling overwhelmed and wanting to take a break. Well, that’s what I had to do with my life. I had to be in the right lane for some time.

And let me tell you, life in the right lane is so much better, at least during a sabbatical. Sitting in the patio at 8 am in the morning sipping chai in my favorite Mickey cup (got it from Disney World last year. Had to. It had Polka Dots after all), cooking slowly while listening to my fav music, applying face pack while in no hurry to take it off, going to a store without a shopping list, taking a nap right after breakfast. I am lovin’ it!!

Sometimes life has to be taken seriously and be done something about. Sometimes life needs to be breathed in n out rather than be rushed and gulped while starting the engine of your car which is always showing you are fifteen minutes late. I feel love all around because I am not too busy to notice it.

So far, haven’t missed work for a single day. And that’s always a good sign. Thank you God.