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Goa was nothing but pleasant and peaceful. It was the week before monsoons start there, but I could say part of monsoons had already arrived. It was pouring most days we were there and not to mention, it did no harm to our itinerary which was as planned – No Itinerary. We had ample of days to spend on beaches, visit the famous Basilica of Jesus and tour the spice plantation with some of the most exotic and infamous spices. I also spotted the Parrot flower which was so beautiful to watch, I wish I could carry some home.

Goa is full and famous for Cashews. The season for the cashew fruit was over, but we got the best out of it, the Fenny. Its a liquor made from Cashews, very-very strong. I tasted a sip and had to then hand it over to my brother who was now sipping his 4th cup coz no one else in the company wanted to drink it at 2 in the afternoon.

I got the much needed break I had been craving for in Goa. Days of nothingness, an idle mind, no place to go to. After a long time, I was present in the present. Just standing outside in the patio of my room, smelling the fresh air and thinking nothing felt so rejuvenating. I didnt click as much as I had in Kashmir due to the moist in weather and moreover, I was wet most of the time I was out. So didnt want to risk my camera to have a sea bath. Here are a few clicks from whatever I could capture, Enjoy.

A few mentions – I did get to see the back of an elephant and yes a few pics down that is the Elephant shit. Apparently, in the spice plantation they have a place where they collect all of it and use it as a fertilizer. The colorful flower is called the Parrot Flower as it is shaped and colored like a Parrot. And then there are banana bunches, Jackfruit and Cheekus, some of the most easily found fruits in Goa.