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Dream on
This life is all yours
Like a set of legos given to you, with pieces of information all around
It’s your job to collect them and build them into something
That resembles with what was in your imagination
It doesn’t have to make sense
It doesn’t have to be something with a ‘name’ even
A house, a car, a dying earth star
It could be “culaba”, “Pedranama” or “Grickly Pane”
It’s yours, it doesn’t have to have a name
Dream on
The dreams are all yours
For that is the easiest thing to be
Why borrow dreams, why reuse dreams
It’s not a show, no one’s watching
You are in the nude, don’t be afraid
To expose, to be seen, to be felt
There is no need to dress up
No need to be behaved
Be wild, Be Crazy, Be Foolish
Dream on