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Once upon a time, there was a piece of clothing that changed how humans looked at each other. It made people look sexier than they were. It did not mandate a shower before being embraced and didn’t need to be ironed or washed for months. It came in one type of fabric and one color, no matter what the season. It was called “The Denim”. And there was only one thing that was made from it – The Blue Jeans. Those were the golden days.

And then, something happened to Denim. Women.

And then Denim became Raw Denim, Stretch Denim, Selvage Denim, Colored Denim. And then Denim became Skirts, Dresses, Hats, Shorts, Capris, Overalls, Booties, Shirts, Jackets, Bags, Purses, Sofa Covers, Shoes.

Honestly, I still prefer Denim only in my shorts and Jeans. But I was living with the occasional sightings of Cindy Crawford Denim covered Sofas in the stores, and the overalls. Until, the skinny Colored jeans started showing up in the stores.

The problem – They are irresistibly cute and sexy (unlike the sofa covers). I spent pretty much all of my week’s shopping time hunting for a couple of colored jeans. Not that I couldn’t find any that I liked, I found too many that I loooovvvved. Now, the dilemma is – Which one to buy when they’re all equally good. AND expensive.

There are stores that have them in the primary colors like Express. And then in the pastel colors like Loft. Express priced at $69 a piece and Loft at $59. I don’t even know if I want to stay on the pastel side or the primary side. May be both. Where is that lottery ticket I bought last week…..

With those price tags, there is no chance I can afford to collect one of each color. I dont mind compromising on the quality of the fabric, if i can get to wear all colors this summer. So! wish! Forever 21 made them in all colors, minus the cameltoe.

Now, I am drawn towards the red and blue in Express. But then, what about the green, and the orange. And the pastel pink and green in Loft…..

I browse through fashion websites pretty occasionally and have subscribed to Instyle at home. But either I missed it, or it came too fast, when it comes to the Colored Jeans, I am feeling like it almost landed without a manual.

I visited so many stores this week hunting for the perfect colored jeans (including Banana Republic, Macy’s, H&Ms, Loft, Express, Cache, TJMaxx) and every time I entered the store, I found myself asking the same questions to myself –

  • Where is the Wardrobe essentials list for the colored Jeans???….(InStyle Editors – Hint Hint)
  • If you have Blue and Red, but not Green and Pink, does that make you less of a Diva?
  • Most stores are showing the matching tops in the same color scheme..Does that mean the Green solid will only go with green printed tops and Magenta solid will only go with pink and the line?
  • Shouldn’t the Jeans be priced a little lower when there are so many options?
  • When the EFF is the Summer Sale?


Do you have a skinny Colored Jeans, if so, What Color??