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[First scene of the series, in 2030]

Future Ted: Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother.

Ted’s Son: Are we being punished or something?

[Ted just saw Robin]

Future Ted: It was like something from an old movie, where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, turns to his buddy and says, “See that girl? I’m gonna marry her someday.”
Ted: Hey Barney, see that girl?
Barney: Oh yeeeahh, you just KNOW she likes it dirty. Go say ‘Hi’.

The first episode captured the essence of the show pretty well, after that, it just got better. There are so many things I love about this show which will be hard to be bullet pointed here. For now, here are five –

ImageBarney’s girlfriends (or one night standers) – The dumb and the dumber could take some inspiration from Barney’s ladies. It’s hard to figure out which one was dumber. Sometimes it seems like, the longer they date Barney, the dumber they get. Oh well, its hard to tell if they had it before they met him or if he ejaculated some dumbness in them.

ImageThe legen-dary (wait-for-it) punchlines – I have watched HIMYM episodes all by myself and found myself Laughing out loud, no shame.

Barney Stinson: You need that thing that makes you a guy.
Marshall Erikson: Oh, I have that thing that makes me a guy. Maybe even a guy and a half.

If you watched the rest of the episode, you’ll know the conversation is not about THAT thing.

ImageThe bro codes – I am not a guy, and yet, I love those bro codes. I find them pretty sexy actually. Sexy being my filler word for anything I find “Awesome”. May be here, sexy actually means “Sexy”.

The “When in need” friendships – Friends did this pretty well, but we had the Monicas and Rachels there that you knew sometimes weren’t sincerely in that friendship. I find HIMYM more convincing and real and regretfully admit that it had replaced my “repeat” episodes show Friends. They blow each other off, they advise each other, sometimes also set each other up for failure. But they’re always there for each other. Can’t stop wondering about the high fives of condolences that Barney invented.

ImageNot the least, Ted – Mosbius Designs? Seriously? I have to admit, the one thing I love about Ted is that he is not embarrassed to be himself. He is what he is. And that makes him the cutest and the most adorable character of HIMYM. I love how he never stops trying, how he is open to discussing his failures, sometimes those are very stupid and you wonder why in the world would someone do so. But that’s the beauty. Of making mistakes. You look back at life, and ask yourself – why did you do it? And that’s always better than asking – Why didn’t you do it?

I can’t wait to see the girl in the Yellow Umbrella. That’s if the apocalypse doesn’t kill us all, and hence the show.

P.S – In case you were wondering what is the difference between peanut butter and jam, Yahoo Answers has the answer. Don’t stop coming to my blog. I didn’t type the answer.