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Is it really so easy to love a child?

“Children are a gift of God”, “they are the most innocent human beings on earth”, “they are to be loved selflessly”, if you searched you will find thousands of instructional quotes about loving the kids. So, in that sense, it must not be so easy to love a child, otherwise, you wouldn’t need all these quotes.

I couldn’t help notice the small postcard in the cart I pulled at Kroger today. It didn’t look all that dirty and had some handwriting on it, so I picked it up, and here is what I found.

I couldn’t stop laughing reading what this kid had written. He seems so annoyed with his parents, although I must appreciate his handwriting, wants his sister to be sold to the Hobos, and claims that his parents are the ones that don’t flush. I wonder if his parents ever read it, and he got a huge timeout for writing all this. Although, I almost always end up LOL when my daughter writes sad notes to me. It’s just too cute to be angry at.

In case you can’t read it, here is what is written –

Dear Annoying Parents

Thank you for giving me Spagetti today. Okay. Please sell my sister to hobos. Please get me a pet and the twenty dollar I need and I know you your the one who doesn’t flush. No more smoothies or eggs. Get me a mansion. There’s also a cat under my old room bed. Clean it and you’ll find it.

Love, Me

P.S – I am running away, don’t look in the couch.I am not (erased) from your (cant understand what).

Sounds like a pretty demanding kid. The backside of the postcard actually has an address, and a phone number. I am thinking of posting the card to the address, what say??