Summer is starting to blossom in my study these days. Although it may not be needed yet, l like to switch on the fan sometimes, reminds me of the hot afternoons of my childhood days when the air thrown by that centaury old fan was actually needed.

I skipped blogging most of this week. I have no excuses, but an explanation. I wanted to start this week going list-less, which also means I hardly got anything accomplished. It is unbelievable how we become so dependent on some tools without ever realizing so. I just wanted to have a free, vaguely present in the present kind of mind. While lists can highly increase your productivity, they have a tendency to make you feel very guilty and take your presence away from wherever you are by sending untimely reminders to your mind. So, off the lists I went for a week. So far, not feeling too good about it.

The only discovery of the week, was an idea from one of my old bucket lists. So, back when I was in college, I used to do these small experiments about self control. I will randomly give up a habit, which I thought at that time was making me addicted to it, for a certain period of time. And I was pretty good at it. And now, I don’t remember when was the last time I had a fast. I don’t think I can live a whole day restricting myself to anything that might come to my mind. So, I am thinking I will go on a vegetable and fruits only diet for a week starting tomorrow. Friday to Friday. I was actually going to start it today, but then I remembered all the chocolates, deserts and snacks that were waiting for me in the pantry. So I gave myself one more day.

This actually ties well in my manifesto I wrote last week. I am practicing pretty much everything other than “eat well, spend less”. So, thinking that I need to live upto my manifesto, I thought of starting with the easy one – eat well. Not to mention, last month, being at home, I have been snacking on all the forbidden snacks, so too much sodium and sugar getting stored in there.

On a pleasant note, I get my DSLR tomorrow.  Having found out that it was out of stock in store on Monday, a disappointed me has ordered it online. This week felt really slow tracking that shipment 23 times a day on the UPS website. Finally, it says “in transit”, expected delivery 04/27. Woo-Hoo!!

Life is good….