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I had written about my day of nothingness last week. Looks like I am going to have one each week. I saw two movies in a row on my day 4 of the third week, which was something I hadn’t done in years. Two very different types of movies – The Descendants and Bridesmaids.

The Descendants was thought provoking. Simple in its plot, it made me question the norms of life. How human heart takes pride in possession, and not freedom. It talks about the depths and at the same time, the shallowness of marriage, of conflicts of the hearts and forgiving.

The message, only this –

  • Death forgives everything
  • Giving up is not all that easy, neither is taking on

Bridesmaids, a complete opposite, a chick flick, is the story of two friends, struggling to enter the new phases of their lives as things change. I found it interesting how all five women in this movie have such different perspectives on the topics of marriage while they continue their friendships through different phases of their lives. The message –

  • Symptoms don’t always indicate the right disease
  • It is difficult to see the good things in your life unless you open your eyes to them

Other than sitting in front of the idiot box, my Thursday was pretty dull. I think I am learning the art of having an idle mind. It’s not quite there yet, but I think I am getting to it. And damn, what a luxury does it feel like.

I am a little behind on my schedule of To-Do’s, but I’ll catch up in my next energy spur. Sometimes, I wonder if I was a Bear in my last life (that’s if you believe in re-birth and all that, which I do). I say this because I love to hibernate. Or even a butterfly for that matter.

I have my days of energy spur, when I am up and all about everything. And then I have my days when I want to laze around, do nothing but “ponder”. This week has been one of those weeks. And no, it’s not PMS.

Highlight of the day – Anishka wondering if she is “God”. Yeah. She said she loves everyone so she HAS to be God. Can’t help but love these little adorable Avatars of God.

What I am excited about today – That strike of enlightenment from the sky, its coming. Kidding. I don’t have to be excited about something every day. Like I said, Hibernation week. Wait till it gets over.