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 “Everyone who loves Elizabeth deserves a chance to say goodbye.” – The descendants

How many of us get a chance to say goodbye to those we love?

Michael Jackson became richer after he died. Wayyy richer than he ever was alive. There is so much truth in it and it’s not rocket science to understand why. After the incident, people held so much grudge in their hearts against him that it did not allow them to love him despite the fact that his music was still as great and he was still as great a singer. They say – “Hate the deed, not the doer”. Easier said than done. As soon as he died, the anguish that was held to his body dropped and got buried with his coffin. What remained was his timeless creation, his music, something that no one has been able to create. And people forgave him, without him asking or needing it anymore. Tragic.

Life is weird and short. Sometimes very boring and routine, sometimes completely unpredictable. Sometimes long and painful, sometimes very short and exciting. It’s hard to define a good way of living, or even worse – the right way of living. You plan too much and postpone life, you end up with an exhaustingly long list of things you never got to do. You live in the moment all the time and you may end up with nothing but a great set of memories on a hungry stomach. To find the right balance between the two, is called the art of living and those that have learnt this art, are the ones that will die a peaceful death…emm..nah, even they will die wondering if there was a better way to live it.

As I watched two movies in a row in my day (of nothingness) of the week, I couldn’t help think about all the people I love and how can I pre-compensate for the fact that I may not get a chance to say goodbye to them. Don’t be fooled, I haven’t made any thank you and sorry calls yet as might have been suggested in my manifesto I wrote yesterday.  But as I started thinking, I realized there is so much damage in so many relationships we live. Nothing collapsing yet, but there is so much better we can do at how we treat people around us. When you think about the D-day, you realize it is so easy to drop the ego, the selfishness, the rules and logics. It is so easy to be forgiving.

Matt King (The descendants) runs around the whole Hawaii trying to find the guy his wife was sleeping with, while she is breathing her last. It didn’t give her back to him, it did not answer any questions he might have running in his head, but it sure must’ve satisfied his ego. I find it stupid, how a man (or a woman for that matter), fools themselves into believing that they own someone, and their hearts and souls and anything that goes against that ownership is fatal to their existence. It is not. It so is not. What we see on the outside, should be a reflection of what is on the inside.

The only way to bring the two together is to listen. Listen to what your heart is telling you; listen to that little voice that tells you to love without reasons. You’re never too smart to fall in love. And never too dumb to keep it.

As Matt sprinkles Elizabeth’s ashes into the ocean, all that there is to say is – “So, this is it”.

And it always is, it’s always as tiny and simple, as a pound of ashes. That’s all you are. So, today, let it go, cut that cord of a heavy heart and let the fresh air come in. Be free.

Have you ever missed a chance to say goodbye to someone that you wished you didn’t?