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Have you ever thought about what governs your life, what principles you live by, what influences your choices and decisions as you go by?

I ran into this post about writing manifestos, from Gretchen Rubin, (My favorite) author of the book “The Happiness Project”, on her website at – http://www.happiness-project.com/

Although, I have always led my life by some principles, I had never written a manifesto before. So it sounded like a good exercise. After some thought, I started penning down my manifesto. It was difficult to keep the list to 10 points and as usual, I came up with 11 that I had to have, a surplus of one. So, I squeezed #4 and (the then) #5 into one. Apologize and Appreciate, really are two points. But eh, I can fit them into one. Here is what I came up with –

  1. Call your mom – Nothing better than connecting to your roots.
  2. Take that picture -It may be just another picture today, but it would be the most precious thing you could have saved five years from now.
  3. Make mistakes early – The joy of having “tried” is way underrated, and obviously being “perfect” is way overrated.
  4. Apologize and Appreciate– There is no better diet for your ego than knowing you are mature enough to own up to your faults. There is no better feeling than seeing the pride in someone’s face when you appreciate.
  5. Eat well; Spend less -Nothing better than having a clear conscious.
  6. Trust your gut – If it feels wrong, it must be wrong.
  7. Smile with a kid – You cannot fake it. I have tried. You actually have to feel it to be able to do it.
  8. Never regret anything you have done – Life is a journey, a journal of moments. There is no way you could have known what’s next without going through this day. You did your best, move on.
  9. Choose your friends wisely – Having bogus friends is not better than not having them at all.
  10. Try to find love, and keep it – Love doesn’t come naturally, it is not a forever thing and there is no such thing as selfless love.

What are your 10 points of manifesto for life?