News – Meet Allan Hill, the man who lives In Detroit’s abandoned Packard Auto Plant

Very rarely, do the news catch my eyes these days. There is so much of Gaga and Jolie, Woods and Phelps, Obama and Afghanistan, Twitter and Facebook, and the rest of the spotlight kind of nonsense news, that you have to really filter your way through anything meaningful. This one appeared in my headline news today and I felt glad to know that someone is living a life away and unaware of all the hoch-pochish-artificial lives that the rest of us live.

It may not be his choice, but I can testify, he is way better than a lot of us that live in the so called homes, may not be adandoned but might be close to being as useless and meaningless in their purpose as this Detroit plant. Besides, I like anyone who chooses to rise above the so called judgemental nature of the urbans and lives life on their own terms. High five to Allan Hill.

The Video is worth watching, kinda sad, but I respect his will power and determination. Because that’s what makes a man, a man.