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Go to a library, smell the papers. They have an unrewarded healing power. – Me.

I spent most of the day today at Barnes and Noble. Browsing through books and being around that smell of freshly pressed papers is very de-stressing. On days that I am depressed and not taking it out on extravagant impulsive shopping, you can find me at Barnes and Noble. And most of the times, I come out of that store feeling much better, and most of the times, I get my punch quote for the day, either by picking up random books from the shelf or sometimes by just browsing the titles. Even better, today, I got it from the cover itself. It was the Coco Chanel biography (pictured above). Now you know why Barnes and Noble is still better than Amazon. You can feel it, your love for books, which you can’t on Amazon. Amazon has its own advantages. Not to mention – Tax free (Sushhhh, IRS is listening) and off course, Kindle. You gotta love that baby, even though its your step kid. However, Barnes and Noble beats Amazon, for the book lovers, for those who like to be around books more than wanting to read them. I am one of those. Weird.

I wandered around the store for a few hours, picked up a few books as I walked through various sections, off course the usuals that I go to. Read some excerpts from each of those but nothing seemed to interest me. One of those days when you know you really want to read something good but don’t know what. I browsed through the usual Psychology section, Self Help and Biographies. I guess I was looking for something that had a mix of all the three genres. After a few minutes of rolling eyes here and there, I realized the book I am trying to read is not written yet. It is yet to be written, by me. Someday. Soon.

Driving back, in my 12 years old Honda, which doesn’t have an Aux input, which means no iPod-ing in this car (have I mentioned I lost my cool SUV to my sweet husband since I became the at home mom, yeah, he gets to be the cool guy in the house now!!), I was stuck with the CD I had inserted in the CD player 11 months back. Yeah, he was driving it for the last 11 months, which means only 90.1FM, where people talk as if the world is coming to an end and they are made to speak by pointing guns on their head. I hate that channel just for the fact that they all sound so serious and depressed, I mean come on. Ok. There are problems in the world. They are not going away by you discussing them 24X7. And I already have a lot to worry about my own life, now you want me to worry about the how bad the Obama Administration is doing. Anyways, back to the discussion, that CD was burnt by me, so I have no complains. It actually felt good listening to the songs, one of them being one of my most favorites. Falling Slowly from “Once”, sung by Glen Hansard.

The lyrics made a very deep impression on me when I had first heard them. And they keep re-iterating whenever I need them –

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice

You make it now…

Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice, isn’t that true. We always have a choice about whatever we do with our life. And yet, we keep avoiding those choices, to avoid don’t know what. It certainly can not be for the happiness, because not necessarily do all the choices we make, end up making us happy. Infact, sometimes the choices we don’t make, end up making us unhappy.

Anyways, that should be enough philosophy for one day. I did end up pondering a lot over the lyrics as I drove around lost in my world. And for some reason, thought about the Mont Blanc trekking tour I so wanted to take last year. And somehow, without even trying, convinced myself that its not gonna happen for another decade. Well, guess what, I am going to do it, next year. It needs 3-4 months of strength training and the tour only runs during summer months. So, if the apocalypse doesn’t happen in 2012, I will send you pictures from Mont Blanc the summer of 2013. That is a long term plan looking at it now, but time runs fast. And I should be one year wiser by then.

I am feeling very inspired today, so I am going to list my Inspiration doze of the day here –

Go ahead, take your chances, make your choices. Whatever could go wrong with what you want will be way more satisfying than everything right with what you didnt want in the first place. (This was not the inspirational doze of the day, this was just me re-iterating the beauty of self made choices.)

This is the inspirational doze of the day, powerful one liners by one of the most powerful woman in the world, the circled one in particular is my punch quote for the day –

“I regret nothing in life except what I have not done” – Coco Chanel

What am I excited about today The Kashmir trip is being itinerarized as I write, so I now have earned myself the right to dream about watching the sunrise at the Dal Lake in Srinagar 6 weeks from now.