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Walt Disney said – “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” I felt that fun in my day today. Reflecting back on the last week, I have achieved something I didn’t think was possible at all 4 weeks back. A new door of possibilities have opened and I am ready to soar high.

There was a peace in the day, a calmness inside and an excitement on the outside. Anishka didn’t want to go to school because she was tired from the trip, and for a change, I didn’t have to push her out of the house just because I couldn’t be home. That itself felt like I had conquered the world. The rest of the day was just a bonus ride.

I spent some time planning, writing a few To-Dos and making a few calls. And not to my surprise, that turned the day into a productive one. I was able to visit a store to research the DSLRs which I need to buy before I head for India. Also, in my To-Do for this week is to book the trips for India while I am there. So, taking parents on a few trips has been a dream and the biggest item on my India list. I have seen places, many. But nothing matches to travelling with parents, which I haven’t done much. The last time I travelled with them, they were taking care of me. It will feel good to be on the other side of the boat and take care of them while they enjoy the sightseeing. That’s what I want to capture, a moment of pride in their eyes, a moment of love and affection which is loaded with countless blessings, a moment of pure bliss.

Other than researching to make the travel plans happen, I spent a few hours clearing my study space, which is where I will be spending a lot of my time in the next five weeks. There was so much paper clutter, drawings with a heart, another one with a flower, another one with another flower, and then another with a flower and a stick figure, that at one point it felt like I was testing perfumes. It all looked the same after 10 minutes. Not to mention, I picked a bad day to clean up that kind of stuff, because the little one was at home. While I requested her to help me put the papers in the trash bag, they all came back with – “Aww..i made that for you”, “Awww…but that is so beautiful”, “Aww…but my friend made those sparkles for me”…Everything was an “Awww”, so I could hardly throw anything. Offcourse, I piled them up separately to throw later. Kids drawings (or more so, scribble-scrabble) is all cute and fancy the first couple of years. After that, you’re kinda – “eh, these are just copies of each other”, so as long as you can save one, you are good for a few months. Not everything that is built is monumental. And that stands so true in this case.

Anyways, I don’t want to jinx it, but plans for India are looking good and I am crossing my fingers that things go as planned. Will post about the trips I have planned once they are final. At this time, I am looking at Kashmir, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata and Rajasthan. Kolkata is mom’s birthplace and she’s always wanted to go back and look at the reminiscences of her childhood. July 6th is mom-dad’s anniversary. I hope to take them to Taj Mahal that week. Again, IF everything goes as planned.

On a lighter note, my daughter, since she saw Tangled and made me read Repunzal’s story a few times, has started doubting that I might have stolen her from someone. I spent a good 30 minutes today convincing her that I was her real mom and that I had not stolen her. She goes – “No, really, tell me, did you steal me from my real parents, and you’re just being nice to me”. I go – “Why would I steal you, and if I did, I would have kept you in a castle, not drive you to the ballet class AND you don’t even have golden hair like Repunzal  (what a great reasoning from Mom). She goes – “Well, I’m really pretty. So you could want to trick me to live with you”. “And, I only remember you from when I was 2 years old. What if I was somewhere else before that”. Its hard to believe, but I had to convince her by showing her 0 years old pictures. What a piece of art, kids.

That was by the way, the highlight of my day. I couldn’t keep up with her reasoning, and at one point, found myself more stupid in my logical thinking that I thought I was. All because I told her in the morning – “Trust me pet, mama knows best”. My favorite lines from Tangled.

What I am excited about today – Off course, travelling with parents. Cant wait to be there.