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So, Week 1 was terrific. At first, I didn’t know how to not be at work. This was my first time to be out of work after 4 continuous years. Not that I was working for only four years, but this to say 4 years back is when I had taken my last break, and that one wasn’t even a sabbatical. Was more like I resigned because I was bored to death in that job and needed time to prepare for the GMAT I had been wanting to take for a few years back then. Day 1, I tried to be at home, reset my mind and just believe that I had done it. Took me a few weird hours of walking around the house here and there, switching the TV on and switching the TV off, Logging in to gmail- logging out, logging in to yahoomail-logging out, logging in to gmail again. There weren’t any urgent mails to be responded to, there weren’t people asking me to take care of stuff, there were no resource issues, no meetings to be attended to. There was no To-Do list to follow. Damn, I was free.

I spent the next day trying to rejuvenate, spend some time with myself. Since I had promised myself that I will not jump into planning the break for the first two weeks, my hands were tied. I wouldn’t call myself highly organized, but I like to know at least a few months to an year in advance what I want to do with my life. I make lists of things I want to accomplish every year, and try n keep the bigger picture in perspective at all times. (This is probably what encouraged me to give up something that many people would call my dream job. It didn’t fit in my master plan anymore. It took me where I needed to be for a few years, but I was starting to be steered in the wrong direction from here, and something in me compelled me to change the course. And I did. And I am so proud of it). Anyways, so since I couldn’t plan anything and had to live with the void for a couple of weeks to really unwind, I did nothing, except applying the face pack, turning the lights off and listening to some nice music.

Now, the one thing that is exciting about this break is that I can go to India for a few months and spend time with family. This was also one of the biggest drivers to encourage me to make this decision and so I started going crazy with all that I can do while I am there. Can’t wait to see my family. So, I booked the tickets to India and I fly in 5 weeks from now, which is really really exciting. I will be spending the first quarter of my sabbatical in India and I am really looking forward to it.

With only 5 weeks left at hand, photography, painting and gymming will have to wait until I return. But, I could take some ice skating lessons, that can start right away. This is what I told myself on day 3 and went for my first ice skating lesson. It started with a few falls, a tremendously scared heart and an overly excited gut and by the end of the lesson,  I was able to stand on the rink. Super cool.

Also spent a lot of time with my daughter during this week. And ended up making a short trip to San Antonio. Now, this wasn’t part of the sabbatical plan, but it came as it was a long weekend for good Friday and my daughter had been insisting to go to Sea World for a few months now.

Overall, such satisfying 7 days of my life. Didn’t miss work at all, or the money. Earned so many kisses from the little one, treasured some real honest smiles with her sparkling eyes and felt right about life after a long time.

I start my second week with a lot less stress, a little bit of planning and a little bit of listing. I feel so much more in control of my life and released of the self-imposing meaningless boundaries. Two thumbs up to the decision.

I am writing my day to day adventures on www.sabbatical30.wordpress.com , follow me there to look at my days in pictures.