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I have lots to write about the last three days I missed. A few discoveries made, a new vow to be kept, a few expressions captured, but tonight is not the time for that. For now, posting these pictures…again from my point and shoot Canon (which got dropped twice on this trip, and is probably breathing its last few days…) AND Picasa….

The Alamo – San Antonio, Tx

That’s my “Yeah right” face 😉

Help the less fortunate….

Walking through the trails – At the Alamo

The Capitol – Ausin, TX

The cutest ever Squirrel, it was super difficult to pick the bestest expression, couldnt help but pick two….

The littlest tourist….and a natural photographer…

Appreciate the beauty and wisdom of a pair of tired legs and wrinkled eyes….(Clicked at the State Capitol – Austin)

The sun shines bright at the braves who fall for victory….

The gates at the State Capitol – Austin Tx

The chairs to an early retirement – Enjoy!!

Sea World – San antonio, Tx

State Capitol – Austin, Tx

Bag all the smiles while you can….childhood is not a forever thing!!

The lonely Planet….

AND for the record, here is my pink polka dots top!!!