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Kin Hubbard said – “A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower. “ Today I was that bee. I buzzed a lot, not sure if it all was needed or made any sense. Or may be that I am a bee every day, a bee with A.D.D. I’ve gotta have things to do, sometimes even those that don’t add much value. Just like my shopping trip to the mall today, of which the only valuable thing I can claim is my pink polka dots top. I mentioned about my love for hats yesterday, now my love for the polka dots is another topic of discussion, for some other day.

In case you are wondering where the title of this post came from, the words buzz and the wuzz come from a Dr. Suess story called “The rabit, the bear and the Zinniga Zanniga tree”. OMG, I love that story. Started reading it for my daughter, and now its like I beg her to read this story to her. The clever Rabit and the poor bear and their conversation is hillarious. And I love how Dr. suess comes up with these creative names that you dont see anywhere else. It kinda tells the kids its possible to create something yourself and give it whatever meaning you want to. Really powerful stuff.

Back to my sabbatical, so, it may be too soon to say, but I think I am done with the schedule-less days. After I am back from the trip, hopefully I can spend the next week reflecting on some things. My favorite activity. Although the plan was to not have any plan for the first two weeks. But I think I am going to spend the second week planning the next few months. By the way, did I mention I started jotting down some of the dreams as suggested by the book I bought on day 1. And boy, there are some crazy ones. But hey, the author said not to judge any dream and just write it down. It will be a nice exercise to put some facts with those and see how they can be realized. That’s the exercise for next week.

The conclusion for this week will come out next Monday. But for a sneak peak, I haven’t missed work at all in these four days, except a few friends at work. I did not miss my blackberry, email checking and meetings. I enjoyed watching TV without having a laptop in my lap. And I played with Anishka without putting a clock on her play time. And I bet she appreciated that a lot. She is smiling more, is kissing me more and certainly putting forth more demands, which is always a good sign. I love when she asks me stuff because that’s the only luxury of having parents, besides off course the food and shelter they provide. Kids put up with us so much on the nagging, disciplining, shouting and what not. And while we know it may be good for them (and we are not even always right!), they don’t know that. And listening to someone without believing in it yourself is a lot of work. And I appreciate every kid in the world for that. What a great set of managers.

I’m all set for the short trip (or not). There is a lot of packing to be done. Did I mention, we never travel light. Another thing to be fixed. We have improved, but a lot is to be done. For the most part, I can’t decide what I am going to wear. So, I have to carry a few options for every day. And then a few pairs of shoes for each of those options, a few hats, watches, jewellery, you get it. Luckily, summer vacations are better than winter vacations, stuff is lighter by nature 😉

Highlight of my day today was watching kids play the easter egg hunt. The excitement, curiosity, impatience to get on the field and grab all the eggs they could, was a pleasure to see.

Counting the eggs….aren’t they adorable….No treasures of world needed, no worries invited. All we need is simple pleasure..and let the passion be ignited!!

BTW, was wondering, easter is celebrated for the day that Jesus came alive from the dead. Good Friday is the day when he was crucified. If it is so, why is it called the “good” Friday. Shouldn’t it be called the “bad” Friday??? Hmm….. Time to pick a history book next time I go to Barnes and noble….