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If I was born in the 19th centuary, I would have said this – ““I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” But I did not. So Picasso got to say it first. Either way, I believe in it, very much.

Today was my first class at the Ice skating rink. I have been wanting to learn ice skating for 2 years now, never had the calm mind to actually go and take the lessons, and practice. Since all I needed to do was to register, it gets to be the first thing I can cross off my list of things to do. After three not so bad falls and a few fast heartbeats, I was able to crawl without holding the wall. That’s progress and may be a good one for the first lesson. So, that was really exciting.

What was special about being on the skating rink was the excitement of being able to do something you weren’t able to a few days back. It’s what I had felt many many years back when I first rode the bicycle. And then, many many years later, when I first started driving. It’s the excitement of being capable, of doing something may be a percentage of people in the world can do. It’s simple but extraordinary in its own way. It’s the joy of learning.

So, today was the baby’s day out. One of the predominant reasons of the thinking behind the sabbatical was to spend time with my daughter. So, on the third day of my break, I had promised her whatever she wanted to do. Offcourse, the first thing she desired was to not go to school. Ehh, her school hasn’t started yet, so yeah, she can afford a day off from her informal school. After the skating, we went shopping.

Have I mentioned yet, my love for hats. If I had won the lottery, I would be at the Royal Wedding Hats auction. For now, I just do with the Jessica Simpson summer/beach hats. I try n buy a new one for every vacation. Now, Texas is not a hats kinda state unless you’re a cowboy or girl. And while I do have a cowgirl hat, I try n avoid wearing it too often for reasons I don’t need to mention. Anyways, I did end up buying a new hat, and off course can’t wait to wear it. The day ended with a lovely evening with singing on the karaoke with some friends. Oh the joys of friendship! Never fades. It felt so good after ages, not being worried about work the next day. I was actually in the moment, because I didn’t have to rush anywhere. It was ok if I slept late. It was ok if I didn’t get up on time. It was ok if I didn’t clean the kitchen. And that, my friend, is the joy of a sabbatical.

Highlight of the day – Emmm..tough one. There were so many. But I would go with the moment where I could take a few steps on the skating rink without the support. Totally new feeling.

What I am excited about today – My new blue Hat!! Yeah Baby!!