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Ok, the discovery of day 2 – A break is never a complete break because you will always have things to do. I spent awful lot of time today planning for a short weekend getaway for this Easter. This may be our one last family vacation before I head to India with my daughter. Couldn’t say no to that!!

Anywhooo…I got my chunk of de-stressing and simmer moments. The focus of the day was to slow the time down, let it simmer and feel the quietness. So, I listened to Jagjit Singh as I applied the face pack and lied on the couch with my eyes closed covered with cucumbers. And Damn, THAT FELT GOOD.

Afternoon came direct from heaven. Tornadoes are a spring gift of God to Texans. We got 3 today. Spent much of the afternoon with heavy rains, hailstorms and thunders. While I was scared to death, it kinda felt good after it had passed. I had to take shelter in the stair closet and sat there for more than an hour. Now, sitting on top of the blankets to hide was something I hadn’t done in ages. Super cool and exciting. On top of that, I love rains. And even better if they are pouring down like crazy. Watching it all rain outside the windows, while sipping evening tea, who wants to miss that??

So, Day 2 went as planned. No schedule. No deadlines. No To-Dos. Didn’t know watching time go by could be so beautiful!

Highlight of the day – Hiding in the stair closet. Reminded me of my childhood, whispering slowly so no one can hear, sweating in our pants but still hiding, making sure the pile of blanket falls behind us and then trying to fix it all up before mom finds out. Memories.

My hiding Bod…

What I am excited about today – The weekend getaway. Texas is not all that great for drives. And San Antonio is a place we’ve been to many times. But going with a kid, changes the outlook and offcourse the places you go to. I think Anishka will loooooveee it!!! And I hope to get some great pictures.