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Day 1 was – Chaotic. I kinda didn’t know how to be “not at work”. I mean, I have taken PTOs when I knew I had to go back in a day or two. But looking at a green field, not having a plan, not having a list, is not me. I guess, I need to get used to the idea of being comfortable with not having a to-do list. It was a bit un-comfortable today.

Started the morning with dropping Anishka to School, spent some time with her teacher which felt such a luxury. I finally watched Notting Hill. It was kind of starting to get irritating when this movie shows up on every “most romantic movies to watch” list. Honestly, may be it was too late. Didn’t find it all that romantic. A lot of things looked like a cliché, Huge Grant didn’t look convincing other than a few scenes and Julia Roberts simply looked a celebrity, Cold and Mean. Anyways, went for lunch with the hubby, he finally is comfortable with the idea (or not).

Then I bought a book from Amazon, to keep a check on my Sabbatical. A friend had suggested, and I loved the first couple of pages I read, “Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals”- Jason Harvey. I guess the editor was on vacation when they approved the title, but nevertheless, the book looks good. So, tomorrow, I am going to do what the book asks me to – Buy a journal and start writing all your crazy dreams, without judging. Sounds fun!

Highlight of my day – Making bubbles with my 5 year old and running after them to pop them. Super satisfying. Try it.

What I am excited about today – Spending time with parents in India. I may not fly for another 5-6 weeks, but just looking at the tickets today was so exciting. Can’t wait.