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Type….Type…Erase. Type…Type, Type…Type…Errrrrraaaaase. T-y-p-e. E-rrr-aaa-ss-e.

That’s my resignation letter I am trying to word. My boss is on vacation.

Now, I love my job. If you asked me three years back, it was my dream job. But somewhere in the middle of seven bosses and three org changes, I lost the motivation. Somewhere in the middle of mergers and acquisitions, I lost the meaning. I am a software development manager. I design, architect, manage, develop, sometimes do nothing. Go to work, work from home. Its upto me. Totally. Now that’s a luxury in this economy. And I get paid six figures (Well, almost, if it wasn’t for the $340 dollars my boss decided to keep and screw up my bucket list).

So, why do I want to leave. Because Steve jobs said so. No. Really.

I don’t have a back up plan. I don’t have another job. I haven’t even been looking. I just want to take a break.

I am done with spreadsheets, project plans, bug fixes, production deployments, estimates, re-estimates, sharepoint sites, Product visions, BRFs- BRDs –TTs –PPTs- MPPs-PMs and any other stupid abbreviation you can come up with, status meetings, round tables, town halls, offshore calls, urgent meetings without an agenda, lunch and learns and anything that looks, smells or sounds like IT.

6 months back, I was working full time, taking evening MBA classes and taking care of a baby at home. My days started at 6 o’clock, with getting the baby ready for day care, attending a few offshore calls, driving to work, driving to school at 6 pm and driving back home at 11pm. I still wasn’t tired. Because, I was motivated. I loved my job. I loved what I was doing, what I was growing into.

Within 3 years, I jumped from a software developer to a software development manager. And boy, I was loving it. New responsibilities, new domains, new control, new power. Life smelled like freshly brewed coffee. I was getting to do what I always wanted to do. Work with people, bring the change. But after a few months, it started getting redundant. One project, two projects, three projects. It’s the same thing, over and over and over.

Unfortunately, just because I am frustrated with it, doesn’t mean I have mastered it. I still suck at Microsoft project. I can never keep my spreadsheets latest and I still save newer versions of files as “_Updated1”. (How ironic).

The other unfortunate thing is, IT rewards the clumsiness. You can only look the busiest person on the planet if you are a mess. Coz, lets face it, the good ones don’t have the time to get organized.

So, do I have the motivation to master all my mess, Neh!! But in all this mess, somewhere lies my dreams, my creativity, my drive. And no matter what happens, I can not let that drive be lost in countless meetings and hopeless spreadsheets.

Doing something different is overrated. But then so is making money.

Now, the big question is, Do you leave a perfectly fine job, just because you’re bored. Just because you think its redundant and you want something different. Just because Steve jobs would.

I only have three words to answer this question – OH HELL YEAH!!!!