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Wikipedia – A convention is a set of agreed, stipulated or generally accepted standards, norms, social norms or criteria, often taking the form of a custom.

In other words, complex-boring-exhaustingly unfair and so un-lively…..and yet, conventions are everywhere…our world is conventional, the people, the events, everything is conventional…and yet, convention doesn’t bring success. It is proven that only people who were unconventional, have been tremendously successful. Only when they could think “different”, could they set new rules, which after a few years, became convention. Does that mean tried and tested doesn’t work, or does it mean tried and tested doesn’t have the “kick” anymore….are conventional people waiting for others to be un-conventional so they can have a new trail to follow….

Has convention ever bothered you…have you ever had that moment where you wanted nothing else but to break free from the so called “conventional living”. Do you ever find yourself in a catch 22 where you want to break a tradition so you could set a new one? Normally, there has to be something so compelling and unfit in the current convention that it can make you want to change things the way they are. May be an unexpected event, an accident you never thought you could be a victim of, a special person that changes everything around you, a force so strong that you can’t help getting carried away. And when such things happen, you realize how you have been a prisoner of the conventional living since you don’t know when.

I ask myself many a time if I am a conventional person or not. The answer comes, yeah you guessed it, “depends”. I am conventional in some matters, and totally unconventional in some. Well, that doesn’t help, does it? It works for me. Here is a quick and easy test – when faced with Dilemma, do you listen to your heart, or your brain? Usually, brain is conventional, because we program it that way. It learns from behavior and returns you the favor when you need it to recall something for you. Most brainy decisions are what we might name gut calls, your gut is formed based on your experiences and decisions you have been making. But if you are that “I listen to my heart” person, you can count on yourself to be unconventional. Because, heart is spontaneous. It observes those beats moving up and down at the moment and drives conclusions from your sweaty palms, rolling eyes, shaking legs, sudden gush of adrenaline and so on. Decisions made by heart will be mostly unconventional, which “you might regret later”, however, will give you the pleasure that your brain can register as “once in a lifetime” experience. And who knows, you make such decisions a few times, and be successful at fooling your brain to consider this unconventional behavior conventional for you. Well, that’s a win-win, isn’t it?

The biggest conflicted discussion of convention is in the love department. Our society has fooled us into believing that marriage = love, well conventionally. But how many married people do you know that are still in love with each other. You may not find many.  At some point the equation was true, and if what I know of equations is true, I also know, they don’t change, ever!  But something changes in marriage, that makes one want to be unconventional about it. May be marriage drives people towards convention, to the extent that it makes you feel sinking in it. Everything about marriage – the kids, the constant income, the extended family, the expenses, the vacations – need you to make rational decisions, AT ALL TIMES. You probably don’t get any exceptions, at least not without a price. And that drives people towards their graves, because no sweaty palms, no adrenaline rush, no shaking legs, are all symptoms of the dead. May be it is the need to feel alive that makes people want to be unconventional. May be unconventional does have the kick, just the right kick you need to launch yourself to the next decade of your life.