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It is strange and surprising how we trick ourselves into believing what we need.

As thanksgiving approached, we were starting to make lists of what we should be buying….I get atleast 200 emails in my inbox from various stores that i have signed up for….as expected, i spend atleast 20 mins a week clearing them out of my inbox…..this week i spent some time opening up offers from staples, best buy, office depot as they showed up in my inbox with big banners of black friday deals not to miss. Unlike other off days, we woke up early this thursday to grab the newspaper before its gone…spent a couple of hours browsing through them and made numerous circles around things we dont need but just have an attractive tag of x dollars “off the regular price”….after the exercise was done, i approached the tv cabinet to store the ads so that the kiddo doesnt use them for her next scissor learning project…..as i faced a moment of truth as soon as i opened the left side of my tv cabinet (which i happen to open not so often, it is merely left for securing books that i HAVE to read and things that i HAVE to secure)

There it was, my wireless mouse…beautifully packed in its original box, looking as attractive as the day i bought it….and its been a year….I had gone to staples at 7 in the morning, in a cold temperature of ~30s, stood in the line for 40 mins because I HAD to have a wireless mouse….it was just too much work to manage the wire….it was cumbersome for my school bag and the wires kept getting tangled in between the note books, my starburst and the ipod microphone wires…..I HAD to have a wireless mouse……and it was $20 “off the regular price”….

i probably secured it in the cabinet while we were opening the other big ticket items we had bought last year…..but why had i forgotten about it later……not to be reminded again…..

It is strange and surprising how we trick ourselves into believing what we need. I looked again at the circled items i had for this year….and somehow i just knew what i had to do for tomorrow’s black friday deals…..SLEEP ON THEM…..