Time with self, a rarity for some, a tragedy for others, is something that is difficult to be put in any labelled bucket. You enjoy it immensely if you have just enough of it…and you feel miserable if you have no choice….

i drive to work on loop 12, its a 13 miles drive, which is my only time with myself…and i must confess, it is the best time of my day….driving on this route for three years now, i have acquired knowledge of which lanes are faster in which spots…..where i should not keep the right lane and where i should not keep the left lane…..and yet, there are spots where i always put sudden brakes as if it is the first time i spotted it…..a beautiful mansion, with a long drive within the property, and built on a small hill, with beautiful water fountains in the front….make me wishing if I ever could visit that house….and almost always makes me wonder who must own it and how much money he must be making…..

what i dont ever do though, is put the car in park, and appreciate the beauty of the house….I never park on the lake that falls in the way and take a short walk …..I never stop on a starbucks and enjoy a cup of cofee….i just never seem to have time…..and it makes me think, how many things we let go by in life without ever really appreciating them as much as they deserve to be appreciated…..how many times we tell ourselves, some day I will have time to do this, and that time never seems to come…..how many moments we rush through in life, without ever really living them to the fullest…..

And as i write this, I promise myself, next time I drive on loop 12, I will stop the car and gaze at the house, for as long as I can register it in my memory…..I will stop by the lake, and take a walk…and really feel the beauty that I notice all the time…..